Frequently Asked Questions

Why Goa?

Goa is clean and green, with no traffic, pollution and overcrowding. It has a better quality of life and is rated as one of India’s best states to live in. Goa has a peaceful political and social climate, low crime rate, low cost of living and English is widely spoken / understood. Property taxes and stamp-duties are lower as compared to those in other Indian states.

Our customers fall in love with Goa, usually on the first visit, decide to visit every year and therefore prefer a home of their own (for retirement in future years and in the meanwhile for their vacations) to staying in hotels.

Living the good life in Goa is relatively inexpensive. Our overseas customers, from the UK, for example, find that the cost of living in style and comfort is less than GBP 400 a month including food, transport, house-maintenance expenses and property taxes ! Many of our homeowners travel to India by non-stop or one-stop charter flights that operate between October and April. The majority of them stay for 2 to 4 weeks. Some Acron homeowners, visit Goa twice in a season. Most intend to spend increasingly longer periods here and eventually, on retirement, the major part of each year and may be go back to their home country for the holidays!

What's special about Acron?

Our developments are relatively small in size, sell whilst they are under construction and often by word-of-mouth. We have a reputation for high-quality construction, select locations, superior specifications, punctual delivery and excellent post-possession service.

Are the property titles crystal clear?

Every Acron property is certified by two reputed solicitors whose research of the antecedents of each title goes back 60 years.

What is the rental income potential?

The cost of equipping a 2-bedroom apartment, with furniture, appliances and fitted kitchen, etc. would range from approx. Rs. 4, 00,000 to 7, 00,000 depending on the trim level, the number of appliances, air conditioners, etc. We offer ready furnished homes as an optional extra. Rental incomes depend on location, demand / supply, season, level of amenities, size of the home etc. An investment in an Acron home, with the strong demand for holiday rentals in Goa, has a better letting potential compared to an apartment in an Indian city where huge housing stock is constantly under production and most homes are sold to actual end-users. Our homeowners have earned returns of approx. 6 to 8 percent on their investment, for example an average of Rs. 2,00,000 annually, from a well-furnished and managed 2-bedroom home. Ask Acron for a realistic estimation of the letting potential of each of our properties, and contact details of rental management agencies that let out homes for our owners, mostly to longer-stay, overseas tourists.


Will I get correct advice about the legalities?

Because of our experience, buyers trust us for correct guidance on the formalities. Wherever possible, deal directly with the developer, as some intermediaries may mark up prices. Ensure that all payments are reflected in the contract i.e. the Sale Agreement that should be typed up on Goa government stamp paper. Ask about local registration and tax requirements relating to residency, rental activity, stamp duty, etc.

Will the properties be maintained to a high standard?

Ask to see the developer’s completed work to get an idea of how their complexes look after 5 and 10 years. Acron’s past developments are our showpieces. Our good build quality ensures that expensive remedial-maintenance issues do not arise in the long term and is a key factor in the high value appreciation of our homes.

Should I buy now?

Many good reasons:

  • Property prices particularly those of quality homes increase each year due to increasing input costs and the fact that the supply of choice properties reduces with time
  • The home can be paid for in easy instalments
  • Off-plan prices are lower than for possession-ready homes and are revised upwardly every 4 to 6 months. Customers signing up at the launch stage make a profit of at least 30 percent on their investment before they have moved into their homes
  • It is easier to customize the home in the earlier stages of construction.

What is the standard of maintenance of each complex over the longer term?

Ask to see the developer’s completed constructions to get an idea of their post-possession maintenance setup. Acron’s past developments are our showpieces.

Are the properties private or are they operated as resorts? Will there be noisy tourist-related activity?

Acron’s homes are located away from the busy areas and, more importantly, are purely residential i.e. without resort or hotel operations thereby assuring better resale value, investment-appreciation, good rental returns as well as peace and privacy for homeowners.

What special attributes do the developments have?

Acron properties are low-rise, low-density with high ventilation-ratios with generous fenestration i.e. extra large windows, bay windows and French doors; The apartment buildings are no higher than stilt parking level plus a maximum four upper storeys. Swimming pool; Landscaped lawns and gardens, professionally designed and tended; Club-houses with Gym, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and other amenities; Hard-wood doors and windows.

Should I acquire a home later, when I'm ready to retire? Is it better to rent a home?

  • Property prices particularly those of quality homes increase every year. This is due to increasing input costs, etc. and the fact that the availability of choice beach properties (with good surroundings, clear title, easy access etc.) reduces with the passage of time.
  • Rentals in Goa are not cheap. Moreover, homeowners are insulated from annually increasing rental rates and hotel tariffs.
  • Payment in easy instalments spread out over two years.
  • Persons of Indian origin are eligible for home loans ( interest rates of approx. 8 per cent ) from Indian housing finance companies / banks such as HDFC, ICICI, etc. who have pre-approved our developments.
  • With low savings bank rates, pension / equity-plan setbacks and stock market uncertainties, real-estate is the investment option preferred today. Moreover, Acron's construction / design values, good post-possession estate management and other attributes enable our customers to get particularly high appreciation on their investment.
  • Customers who see our completed and sold out developments invariably regret that they did not buy at an earlier stage.
  • It is easier customizing the home at early stage of construction.

Stand alone villas v/s a multi-home development

We build multi-home properties and not stand-alone villas on individual plots of land. A stand-alone villa of one's own is a charming prospect for most prospective owners. However, one has to contend with various practicalities such as

  • ensuring clear title and ownership through a solicitor in order to ensure that potential claimants don't pop out of the woodwork at some future date
  • going through the protracted and 'expensive' approval process
  • ensuring the reliability of the building contractor, etc.

Furthermore, on completion, stand-alone villas present a different set of problems compared to a villa or apartment in a multi-home development. The owner has to be personally responsible for ongoing issues such as the upkeep and maintenance (including the invariable glitches involving water and power supply, security, phones, etc.) payment of utility / tax bills, etc. monitoring the security personnel and / or the caretaker, if any. Considerable time, energy and money has to be applied, on a continuous basis to tackling each of the challenges involved.

Most homeowners are not enthused by the idea of embarking on such a venture of their own unless they are reconciled to residing in Goa for the duration of the construction or unless it is a 'labour of love'. Most of our homeowners are based overseas. Many invest in an Acron home to use in future years for their retirement and in the meanwhile for their annual vacations in Goa. They prefer a home in a gated, secure development where all routine (and dysfunctional! ) management aspects are taken care of, even in their absence on an ongoing basis.

Do you build ground floor villas?

We build detached and semi-detached villas set in landscaped gardens around a pool. Some customers who want a larger home combine contiguous semi-detached villas into one large detached residence. Each of our homes is of duplex construction, because simplex (ground) floor villas are not technically and commercially feasible in terms of the availability of plots of optimum size, clear title and planning approvability and in terms of the buildable area permitted thereon by the planning authorities and the resulting design-envelope constraints.

Do you have homes with sea-views?

A home with a direct sea view is most people's dream but alas, local planning regulations do not permit building construction on hilltops or within 500 meters of the sea, hence our homes are built as close to the beach as permissible, but do not have sea views. Our properties have quiet, rural settings encapsulating the true Goan experience with views of the surrounding coconut and mango groves or rice fields and the open spaces between homes have an abundance of trees and flowering plants.


Do you build in south Goa?

All Acron developments are located along the northern coastline. Our customers prefer north Goa because it is livelier with a larger choice of restaurants, nightspots, things to do, etc. all within walking distance of each other and the adjacent beaches. Shops, banks, medical, transport and other services are easily accessible. South Goa has relatively fewer choices in this respect and the travel distances are longer. Moreover, our customers perceive north Goa as a 'happening' and fun place with a larger choice of restaurants, nightspots, things to do, etc. all relatively closer to each other and to the adjacent beaches.

Do you have any developments in the cities?

We do not have developments in urban areas of Goa. Our customers, many of whom are senior citizens / retired couples find it equally convenient to reside in places like Arpora or Siolim, in a cosmopolitan, convivial community, with a good security and maintenance infrastructure. They enjoy the best of both worlds with a home located in quiet scenic surroundings near the sea-side, close to medical facilities, transport, banks, shops, restaurants, etc. and yet have easy access to cities like Panjim ( 20 minutes away by car ) and Mapusa ( 15 minutes away by car ).

Do your developments also function as resorts?

Each of our developments are purely residential (i.e. no simultaneous, ongoing resort activity as in 'rent-back' developments) thus, offering greater privacy, quiet and higher investment-appreciation for our home owners. Moreover, our customers furnish / decorate their homes for their private exclusive use. They do not really need the rental income and do not relish the idea of strangers using their home with the resultant wear and tear and other dysfunctional aspects.


Can I expect rental income from my home?

There is a good rental market for Acron properties. Some of our customers rent their homes through local rental management agencies. A well-furnished 2-bedroom apartment or villa could earn up to Rs. 200,000 a year.

This income is not guaranteed and can vary depending on location, demand-supply, season, level of amenities, size of the home and other factors. Most of our clients prefer to equip their residences for personal use. They do not rent, but sometimes let relatives or friends stay in their home.

Do you provide furnished homes?

Homes are usually delivered unfurnished. However, if required, we undertake turn-key furnishing to our clients’ specifications.

The cost of equipping a 2-bedroom apartment adequately with beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, lounge furniture, fans, refrigerator, music system, soft furnishings, kitchen units, etc. would range from approx. Rs. 4,00,000 to 7,00,000 depending on the trim level, the number of appliances, air conditioners, etc.

What are the legalities involved?

Customers may engage a solicitor in Goa, but this is not an essential requirement. Almost all our clients deal with us directly i.e. without a legal intermediary. At the contract stage there are no legal fees or expenses. The standard contract document is equitable, unambiguous, worded in plain English and is accompanied by a comprehensive dossier containing supporting documents relating to the land title, planning approvals, etc. Two prominent, Goa-based solicitors and building societies certify each of our developments. When the freehold conveyance deed is registered, stamp duty and legal fees of approx. 5 percent are paid.

Can we avail of a home loan?

Yes. Ask us for details.

Why do people like to retire in Goa?

Senior citizens relocate to Goa to enjoy a comfortable retired life as the relatively low cost of living and the strong currency of their home country help their pension funds go much further. Healthcare and other facilities are of a high standard and easily available. English is widely spoken or understood. Goa was rated by India Today magazine as one of the best states in the country to live in, with a peaceful social and political climate and low crime-rates.

Goa has good general and super-specialist hospital facilities (state as well as private), where quality medical care is available at a fraction of overseas costs. Patients are free to consult specialists directly and avail of treatment without a tedious referral system, waiting period or insurance hassles. The equipment is state-of-the-art and most Indian doctors in the specialist centres have either studied or worked abroad. Health insurance costs are extremely inexpensive. This is why Goa is fast becoming a destination for 'medical tourists'. Bypassing NHS waiting lists, they come here on 'sun and surgery' package holidays to get world-class healthcare and recuperate in scenic surroundings.

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