• All the details presented in promo material such as this website, the brochure and its accompanying inserts, etc. including prices, sizes/areas, designs, features, schematic layouts / bird's eye views, plans, specifications, dates etc. are subject to variation and do not constitute a legal offering. All contractual commitments in respect of such details and the variations thereof, if any, are defined in, provided for and governed by the contract document signed by Acron and the client.
  • The price specified in the contract document will be in Indian Rupees and as per the pricelist prevailing on the date of drawing-up of the document (an indicative, average exchange rate 1 GBP = Rupees 85, 1 USD = Rupees 45, 1 Euro = Rupees 55).
  • All details in this website relating to the plans, areas / sizes and pricelists of our homes are updated frequently, as required, and mailed in hardcopy form to customers on request.
  • Some homes may have been sold / leased after the date of iteration of the inserts and updating of this website.
  • The plans are not drawn to scale. All dimensions are in metres and areas are in square metres. 1 sq.mt. = 10.764 sq.ft. Elevations are depicted for conceptual purposes only.
  • All homes are sold or leased unfurnished as customers prefer to install their individualized choices of furniture, appliances, kitchen units etc.
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