Why buy a home in Goa?

We recently caught up with a few of our homeowners to ask them one important question that any homeowner looking for apartments in Goa would be asking... ' why buy in Goa?' And their answer were varied but resonated the same theme - that there is no place like Goa! Here are a few reasons given by them:

Is buying a property in Goa a good investment?

Valencia D'mello only realised her dream to buy a home in Goa a little late, but jumped on the chance after looking for affordable apartments in Goa and seeing Acron

"Coming from Dubai, you don't get the luxury and freedom of the Goan lifestyle, having seen Acron's apartments and understanding that they have some ready possession apartments available, since I live abroad, this apartment would serve as a great form of investment thanks to the higher quality of construction, modern amenities and great locations that contribute to higher capital appreciation and better rental returns"

Where to invest in Goa – North or South?

The Parulekars already owned a home in Goa but had this to say on the decision of a second home in Goa that is just 40 mins away from their first one

"One home in Goa is not enough. Goa is paradise and the more you own of it, the richer you are in so many ways. We decided on an apartment in North Goa as we hail from the south and found that the north has a more happening and fun lifestyle that is missing in the south. Being closer to the capital but still away from it, the beach is a quick 15 minutes drive, the mall and convenience stores are just down the road. The decision was easy!"

Are Enviroment friendly homes important?

The Mukundan Family were keen on buying a second home in Goa and what was the deciding factor? Greenery.

"My family and kids loved being surrounded by greenery when they were kids and life was a lot simpler but as we moved on to the city, that feeling of having Nature at your doorstep was lost to us...for a very long time, until we came down to Goa, met with Acron and decided on a beautiful, field facing 2 BHK apartment in their Porvorim project - Acron Niama Valley. Their reputation for being Goa's Green developer was another important and comforting and that enabled us to make the firm decision. So why buy in Goa? Because the presence of Nature in your lifestyle makes everyday feel and look better."

Where can I buy the best luxury villas in Goa?

Asha and Venkatesh Mallan, Iinitially were determined to get themselves a beautiful stand-alone villa in Acron's Eugenia Evergreen, but their decision was changed for the better

"We decided on a villa right from the start. The fact that we can tell our friends that we have a spacious large villa in Goa and have that independent space, is what appealed to us the most. We were offered to look into their property in North Goa - Acron Uplands, which offer semidetached homes and after seeing them, we made the decision right then and there. A beautiful home in Goa, is what any family would want"

With over a 1000 homeowners, Acron is proud to announce that we have taken our legacy as Goa's most trusted builder, for over 30 years, to the next step, with Acron Seawinds - A premium development consisting of studio, 1, 2, 3 BR apartments is Acron’s newest development in the much sought after Baga - Arpora area. You can learn more about our exciting offer and starting prices at www.acronindia.com/acron-seawinds

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