Should You Invest in an Apartment or Villa in Goa?

If you are planning to buy a home, the first thing you would contemplate about is whether you should invest in an apartment or a villa. In all probability, buying a home to live in or simply as an investment is one of the largest expenses and biggest decisions you will ever make. Which is why you must consider taking as much time to think this over and choose the right property and developer with care. The debate between villa vs apartment is never-ending and it’s tough to decide which one you want to invest in because both have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

In Goa, Acron Developers are one among the many industry experts and can help play a significant role in the decision you make. Here is Acron’s benefit list in order to help you make a wise choice without any dilemma.

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1. Beach belt or Away?

In order to narrow down on buying a house the location of the property you are looking to invest in plays a very vital role. To make sure you are taking the right decision it is essential to keep in mind the proximity of everyday places such as schools, offices, hospitals, markets and so on. A villa project is usually located away from the beach; while on the other hand, apartments tend to be located more towards the beach belt. Deciding on what to pick would also depend on the family you bring along now or in the near future.

For instance, if you have kids that go to school or college you will have to consider where the preferred school is located or if you just want to be in the midst of all the hustle-bustle then you would prefer going for an apartment close to the beach belt. While if you are retired, the kids are settled and if you want to trade the daily hustle-bustle style of living with a peaceful and silent one; then investing in a villa is the perfect choice for you.

2. Investment or Holiday home?

Just as the location influences the buying decision, price does too, making it an equally important component in the decision-making process. Price usually favours the purchase of an apartment over a villa. Villa projects are usually spread out horizontally and have their own space around the house which increases the cost of land hence are priced higher than apartments. Also, a larger audience in India are made up of nuclear families and would prefer investing in an apartment. On the other hand, big families will prefer villas. But that need not necessarily be the case. It can turn out to be just the opposite too. This decision solely depends on one’s specific needs and requirements.

The return on your investment is largely dependent on the location you select. Therefore, if you have decided on the location where you are going to buy a house, be it an apartment or a villa, it is appropriate to consider the demographics of the area before going ahead with your decision. The demand to rent or sell an apartment is much higher as compared to a villa. While if you consider the long-term profitability, a villa is definitely a better investment option.

3. Privacy or Happening place?

Villas are usually located in neighbourhoods that are family-friendly, pollution-free and ooze serenity and peace. The locations are usually in beautiful green neighbourhoods that provide their own charm and prestige to your villa home. How about waking up to the sound of birds chirping, taking a stroll in your garden, reading the daily newspapers in your front porch while you soak up the morning sun or strolling along the village roads in the evening without the fear of being run over. These are some of the perks you are bound to experience with a village life. Probably the biggest advantage of a villa life is the layers of privacy that it offers from public spaces. This means coming back to some peace and quiet to unwind from a tiring day.

While on the other hand, apartments provide for a more sociable living environment. Apartment projects are usually located in bustling areas mostly along the beach belt where all the happening places exist. Such as nightclubs, pubs, flea markets, restaurants, beaches, malls, multiplex and so on. An upbeat lifestyle and opportunities, easy access to public transport and entertainment areas, walking distance to grocery stores, markets, children’s parks or dining outlets are some bonuses you are entitled to with an apartment living.

Irrespective of your preferences with regards to purchasing a home; check out Acron Developers for affordable yet luxurious apartments and villas in North Goa. You might just get lucky and find your dream home in Goa.

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