Our Hillside Haven!

'You don't need a beachside home to live the Goan life!'

Meet Rajesh and Nidhi. A well-travelled couple who are no strangers to exotic locations having witnessed the beautiful black sandy shores of Bali to exuberant Cultures of Thailand. These locations seem to have left a subtle impact in their busy Delhi lifestyles which they admit to have grown quite tired of. What would be so wrong about living in such a prominent and developed state like Delhi? To the Mehta’s, the constant humdrum of a busy life coupled with a clogged 'corporate' lifestyle in a city that just won’t stop moving, was too much. They felt that it's time to get out and retake control of the lives. So on one of their trips down to Goa, they paused and asked themselves the question: Is Goa the place for our second home?

And after meeting Acron, it was a definite yes!

What stands out about their story is that they have answered that age old question which is ‘Should I buy a home by the beachside to have the Goan lifestyle?’ and their answer is plain and simple - No, initially we did want one of those clichéd 'homes by the beach' type lifestyles but Goa has a lot more to offer than beaches and Sun, it's these hidden gems like Acron Eugenia Evergreen that showcase just how exotic a location Goa is!

They, like many, had the notion that 'you get off a plane and you land up on a seaside property' which they did go and look up hoping that these homes would be right fit for them. But to their disappointment they found many developers offering for a huge amount of money for something that resembles a cubicle with a bathroom. All this just for the view of the beachside. After having found Acron online with a simple web search stating they want a 4 BHK villa in Goa, they found exactly what they were looking for in Acron Eugenia Evergreens

'Wow you are in Goa with an aesthetically astounding view of from the hillside of the beautiful greenery that surrounds Moira, and plus the beach is 15 mins away from home!' And speaking of the home we love that from the outside it looks like Portuguese house, but with very modern stylish features - the perfect mix' – Nidhi Mehta

What features did Acron offer? As far as design is concerned, what they found appealing and very different is the Indo- Iberian inspiration behind the design of the villa, a contemporary reimagining of a Portuguese home made in modern times. The hand crafted tiles that cover the villa, are imperfectly perfect in nature given that their handcrafted, lend a new sense of architectural finesse to the home. The amenities offered such as the Jacuzzi, the pool and the fully equipped gym really are another great step Acron takes in ensuring its customers the best living experience.

'We love the sense of openness that we get as soon as you walk in through the gates - like stepping into your own private world here. I love how the view from the balcony is just so captivating it's almost 360 so we get the hillsides with the lush open fields, truly remarkable to wake up to' – Rajesh Mehta

Acron is always delighted to see the joy and satisfaction in our Acron homeowner’s expressions when they take possession of their new homes. We are more than thankful to the Mehta’s for understanding that Goa has a lot more to offer away from its sandy shores and that tells us that all our efforts into giving them their dream home has paid off well and beyond their wildest expectations. We wish The Mehta’s a beautiful and prosperous life ahead in their new Villa in Goa. Thank you for inviting us into your home to be a part of this experience!

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