Kitchen Décor – Why not cook in style!

Over the course of the past 20 years or so, kitchens have become the come to be accepted amongst decorators as the newest addition to fine living. With more time spent in these spaces and where more was done than just cooking. Newer homes were designed with kitchens as living spaces in mind and so these rooms became larger to better accommodate family and friends as an additional space for entertaining. Many kitchens began to open up to other rooms, yet some remained separate spaces. Keeping this in mind, we have shortlisted a few tips, for both large and smaller sized kitchen, to help you turn your kitchen into the hottest (no pun intended) spot in your household!

The wooden look:

Sleek, elegant and all round brown certainly gives this section of the house a very rustic look. Imagine an all wooden look for your kitchen; this means wooden shelves, wooden storage areas, dark/ light wood flooring, wooden roof coupled with a glass window opening that shows off the lush greenery in the background. The key here is to have and utilize contrasting shades of earthy colours and to find the perfect balance between them The shine of the dark brown colours mirrored by the light brown kitchen counter, against cream coloured walls give off a look very reminiscent of early English Homes.

The artful touch:

Bring your artistic side to melting pot! Try different fun wallpapers for your kitchen walls; through them you can make your kitchen all bright and eye-catchy especially if you have multi coloured backgrounds that pull contrasting colours and adds a level of punch to them. This trend is followed in the country houses mostly where kitchens are spacious and colour is the focal point.

A Gritty look:

This is more of a nod towards being a little more eccentric with your kitchen detailing needs. Grey is a great colour choice for the chic industrial kitchen as it combines the steely grit of the industrial style with contemporary sophistication. This with design commitment issues can start out by adding industrial-styled lighting to their existing kitchen and then altering select pieces over a period of time (such as the bar stools or the cabinets) to find that perfect blend between the modern and the industrial. Using an artistic grey colour in tandem with colourful décor strives for edgy overtones and does this well.

Keeping it all white:

Simples is better yes? Simple also adds a chic look especially when used against other colours that tend to throw a greater depth to these ‘bland’ colours. You can additionally use different lights and some beautiful chandelier; it will not just make your kitchen contemporary but expensive as well. Save a lot yet accomplish that modern look, what more can you ask for!

Warm and modern:

Rich wood in various styles, bright colors, and smooth surfaces will make your kitchen look all warm and stylish. You can go trendy with handcrafted wood cabinets, high wooden chairs with steel frames and so much more. This is one modern trend that you can follow, if large spaces, scenic backgrounds and grand idyllic looks are your thing.

The studio kitchen/ Small kitchens:

Interesting is it not, that the look found in large loft inspired kitchens with grand windowed walls, double height ceilings and open spaces take the limelight cannot be replicated by smaller kitchens. Wrong. The defining factors of Interior design are Thriftiness, Ergonomics and Efficiency make it ideal for smaller kitchens Since open plan living areas are quickly becoming the norm, a small industrial kitchen in the corner not only adds a sense of intrigue, but allows you to demarcate spaces easily without worrying about area rugs and false ceilings! Add a few pops of colour, some natural greenery and let in plenty of natural light to give it a more airy, cheerful vibe

So, keeping in mind these few pointers, we greatly encourage you to walk into your kitchen, then take a step back, and revolutionize your cooking world.

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