Goa - Best Place to Enjoy Retired Life!

Many people consider buying a home specifically to enjoy a happy retired life. After all, your needs and desires for a house can be a lot different at 60 then they were at 30.

The kids have grown up, settled with their families now and hence you may not be too keen on living in a huge house and walking up and down the stairs much. It's that time of your life when you may want to leave the fast-paced city life to live a quiet life in a serene neighbourhood. You may want to settle down somewhere you have always dreamed of. What better time to make a change than when you retire? And what better place to enjoy your retired life than beautiful GOA!

At times, unfamiliarity with another city’s real estate market can be a drawback. However, a little homework from your side and with the help of an experienced Real Estate developer such as Acron Developers, you can definitely move forward with utter confidence.

So, why is Goa an ideal destination to have a retirement home? Here are some reasons that will guide you in making sound decisions.

  2. Location is more than just an address when it comes to making a smart real estate investment. North Goa being the epicentre of this beautiful state offers upbeat lifestyle opportunities and convenience. Hence, pick a location that will give you easy access to the things you most care about, because as you age, it is going to be more challenging to get around on your own. Eventually, driving yourself around will not be an option either. You might have to commute by public transport such as taxis, buses, rickshaws or ask a good Samaritan to drive you around. Rural locations may be fine if you are close to friends and family, but if that’s not the case then city locations are often easier to get around in. Keep in mind the things you want to be close to and the drive time when you are planning on a retirement home.

  4. If you come across an interesting project make sure to do a little bit of research of the place before you invest in it. Once you have purchased a home maintaining it as well as the complex pretty much becomes a priority. Now-a-days most developments have a homeowner’s association that takes care of the exteriors as well as provides lawn maintenance if required. Knowing that you are aging with time, its pretty obvious you will not be able to personally take up looking into the exterior maintenance of your complex. And even if you wish to handle your own maintenance, ask yourself how long you will want, or will be able to, do the work.

  6. No matter how health conscious you are, going up and down the stairs will not fascinate you once age comes by. Right now, you may be able to climb stairs, but will you be able to do so easily in about 20 years? A single-story house or a master suite on the first floor, grab bars in the bathroom, a stall shower and wide doors are features you might need when you get older. On the whole, look at how you live before you downsize. If you have a lot of houseguests often, you may need a bigger home.

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