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Goa is a land of green beauty that never ceases to mesmerize and it is truly a haven for nature lovers. With hills and valleys of immense beauty, streams of clear water and a yearly monsoon that brings it all to life, Goa holds a special place in the hearts of many travellers and adventure seekers from around the world. Just as one’s footprints are left on the sand, we make our impact on the environment with the construction of our dwellings. Consumption of the natural resources at increasing rates, disposal of the generated waste back into the surrounding ecosystem and soil erosion have almost destroyed many beautiful places the world over. Even the beautiful haven of Goa would have been on track to a similar fate, if it were not for the efforts of those who began to see it. Together they form what is known as The Indian Green Building Council or IGBC for short.

IGBC was formed in the year 2001 with a vision to enable a sustainably built environment for all. They offer an array of services such as training, rating and certification programs and have their own annual flagship event on green buildings.

People who come to Goa looking to buy an apartment or villa. They wish to live in a place away from all the noise and pollution. Homes in Goa have a certain feel to them and the construction and real estate industry is booming so residential property in Goa is a prime focus for investors and builders.Over the years many housing projects in Goa have seen the light of day, but few can say that they have preserved the environment around them and even less so, contributed to it. It’s just the idea of a 3 BHK villa in Goa or a 3 bedroom apartment for sale that excites people. Acron has conducted many programs to help educate young architects and engineers who are to be the next generation to lead the industry, on the importance of green building and making a difference in the world.

But what exactly is green building? Is it planting more trees? Or simply not cutting them down? Green building is a lot more than that. It is understanding the very idea that as a collective,we consume more than we require and this has far reaching negative effects on the environment.Green building involves everything we need to know about reducing our carbon footprint, not just as builders, architects and engineers, but as individuals who live together. By designing plumbing systems to more efficiently regulate water usage, the use of low energy consumption electric appliances and lighting, incorporating large windows to allow maximum sunlight further reducing lighting costs, proper segregation, collection and disposal of waste in a hygienic and safe manner we can greatly help maintain and rejuvenate the environment we live in. Building green starts at the very foundation of a home, it starts with its people and that is why building green is not restricted to new developments. It is an idea and a concept that teaches us how the regulation in the consumption of all things natural around us, helps build sustainability. Furthermore Builders can make use of locally sourced materials in order to reduce transportation and fuel costs. The use of special raw materials that have cooling properties can help reduce air conditioning costs the year round. Building on slopes and uneven land always proves to be a challenge but hill cutting on the other hand is a slippery slope of its own. It disrupts the natural layering of soil and intern leads to large land masses being washed away. Acron's Eugenia Evergreen's is a marvellous example of building along the contours of the ground. Most of the development is on a slope and though this proved a challenge, it led to the design of some amazing semi-detached and detached villas.

The IGBC is committee-based, member-driven and consensus-focused. It consists of architects, developers, product manufactures, corporate and Government. They perform their activities through local chapters. Mr Amar J. Britto, who is the Chairman at IGBC Goa Chapter & Director of Acron Developers Pvt.Ltd. has made it a point to set an example in all the developments built by the company. Acron was responsible for building Goa's first Green Project, Vicente Greens, and has since then implemented all the insights theyacquired with every new project.

"If you are in Goa, their properties stand out, they are used as landmarks."
Purab Kohli (Actor/Model)

Acron has implemented an ingenious method of transplanting trees, which is a time consuming process but is something they feel is necessary in order to preserve the ecological balance and beauty of the original forest. The process may take up to half a day for a single tree. Once the tree is uprooted, a new site must be excavated and treated with water and manure and the tree, carefully transplanted with the use of man and machine.Their Villa developments are located in secluded settings surrounded by lush forests and flowing streams. They keep them small in size so as to give more space to each villa and allow for a greener, less cramped project. These villa communities are strategically placed to be close enough to the major cities, its comfort and luxury at its finest and all in a green setting.

Acron also has spacious and superbly built apartment complexes in Candolim which is a beach that is close to Baga and Calangute, the main party destination beaches in Goa. They make use of only the cleanest and greenest methods of construction and offer the latest amenities. Complete with Gymnasium, Pool and other facilities these Green complexes stand as an example of sustainable development.

It is very important to promote ecologically beneficial and sustainable development as it is a necessity. Poor caution given to the environment leads to unhappy living conditions.We all play a role in the future we help create so keep that in mind when you are looking out for your Luxury Villas or Apartments in Goa.

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