The Getaway gift!

Goa, a place of profound beauty and deep serenity. Mangroves and fields of green give precedence to the calming and soothing atmosphere of this coastal marvel. Goa is adorned with beautiful beaches but for many people who want to be rooted within the natural beauty of the valleys and forest, the hilly interiors are found to be most appealing.

Acron Eugenia Evergreens has a very unique setting as it is located in the foothills of Moira, one of the older villages of Goa. It is a peaceful place and with its forest like setting, attracts people from all over the world, who are seeking a private getaway from the hectic urban life.

We recently met up with Gerard Pinto who is the Owner of villa at Eugenia Evergreens.

He had booked his villa at Eugenia Evergreens in the year 2012 as a gift for his wife on their silver wedding anniversary. He told us that it was a big break for him to get away from the noise and pollution that they experienced on a daily basis while living in the overcrowded suburb of Andheri which is covered with an excess amount of infrastructure.

"The house is beautifully located, in a nice quite village and this is a perfect getaway. Something that the doctor ordered!"

After coming down to Goa they felt rested and rejuvenated in just a matter of days. They fell in love with the view from their beautiful 4BHK luxury villa that overlooks the mesmerizing green fields and hills ahead.

Acron is always delighted to see the joy and satisfaction in our homeowner’s expressions when they take possession of their new homes, and that tells us that we have done a good job. We wish Gerard and his family a beautiful and prosperous life ahead in their new Villa in Goa. Thank you for inviting us into your home to be a part of this experience!

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